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Wheel of Joy

Wondering what inspired our logo and name?


The name Edony reminds of the concept of hedonism, because we believe pleasure is key to consistency and achieving results, and should be the starting point of every choice. 

 edony logo wheel of joy

Our logo, the Edony Wheel of joy, is a mix of 3 symbols that represent the foundations of our brands: the movement, our community and Italy.


  • The Celtic Triskele, thought to represent the concept of continuous motion

  • The Tibetan Gankyil, illustrating the interconnectedness of all beings

  • The Sicilian Trinacria, representing the 3 capes of our beautiful Italian island


Ultimately, and because we’re all at different stages in our lives, the Edony Wheel of Joy can mean something special and specific to each of us:

- action-progress-energy

- spirit-mind-body

- past-present-future

- land-sea-sky

- the 3 trimesters of a pregnancy

- etc…